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I am a visionary and I have always thought about how we can improve and beautify this world. This project is one of them…

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Center for Art therapy and Social activities

Artists are the creators of the environment, their talent beautifies the environment. In order to create their innate talent and give it to the world, they need a suitable environment without dealing with social concerns that can alter their talent. By bringing them together in a suitable setting, they can unleash their talent to constantly beautify and perfect the place and even the world.

Most urban locations lack an art therapy center where those affected by the stress of everyday life can heal their wounded souls in battle with the environment, using various art methods, from painting to theater, to music, dance, ceramic modeling, etc.

The image above is part of a larger image that aims to be a cross-cultural arts center where people interested in diverse arts can meet and possibly live. I’m looking for people with a similar vision to form a team and design/manage this project together, as well as investors who can support us with their own team of marketing and investment specialists.

Many projects aim at the technological modernization of cities, but few value art and nature and incorporate them into activities that produce the human well-being essential to a contented life. We cannot live in balance without nature, and talented artists can be architects, making the most of the interaction between humans and nature.

In order to be able to realize this project, you need a location in nature, far away from the urban environment. The site will have several buildings arranged in a circle in the center, necessary for conducting creative activities and administration. Around these buildings there will be a circle (or 2 more) of other buildings that will become living quarters for those who wish to manage the project, but also temporary accommodation for visitors/tourists. The group of buildings will have a lot of space between buildings full of rich nature arranged like floors, so the space needs to be large.

It is already known that art, work with art, nature, leisure activities in nature are an important part of maintaining well-being, but especially in the healing process of people affected by various diseases. Thus, this center can accommodate both simple tourists interested in the specifics of the center and those to whom it is recommended from a therapeutic point of view.

Tourists who want to visit the center or stay there temporarily will do so because the architecture of the project will be spectacular because what they see is unique in the world and will remain with them during their stay. You will have the opportunity to see together different types of art practiced on all continents. The special combination of plants, trees, colors, flowers will make the parks and gardens unique. The artistic way in which the structure and architecture is created can attract many visitors, with tourism being one of the components that make this project self-sustaining.

Well organized and managed, with carefully selected staff, this center is able to support itself through the activities it carries out. I list some components in the autonomy of this center, but also profitable ones:
-The Center for Art therapy and Social activities becomes an international supplier of the artworks it produces, handmade artistic products (paintings, fabrics, sculptures, woven fabrics and natural products made from local plants, etc.).

The Center for Art therapy and Social activities offers workshops and art classes for those who want to spend their time doing various activities (basket weaving, painting, carving, pottery, weaving, etc.). Parks and landscapes are created with a special and unique architecture in the world. Visiting the parks and gardens of the art center by the tourists will be possible with the entrance fee.The gardens, which have a special landscape architecture and at the same time can become flower / plant suppliers for various destinations.Vegetable and orchards can provide the residents of the center with natural fruit and Offering vegetables, but also for sale to visitors. Tourism can become an important part along with art objects.

(This can also be a great therapeutic park/garden.)

We can discuss each of these points in detail with interested parties as this is just a simple summary of the presentation and not the project itself.

The image below represents the entire project as a whole as I saw it. We can discuss further details personally,

Sorina-Severina Soare.

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