Psychological counselor - Artist - Coach


An intercultural workshop takes place every second weekend in Wiesbaden (Hessen, Wiesbaden Free Art School), in which a group of up to 6 people can draw, discuss and decode their own inner conflicts. The colors used in the drawing, the shapes, the size, etc. are codes through which the soul expresses itself and by decoding them together we can discover things about ourselves that we did not realize before.

We discover why we were vulnerable to this conflict, through what lens we saw the world at the time, and what we could change. No event, whether pleasant or unpleasant, comes by accident, but to show us something about ourselves, to discover ourselves, to learn something about ourselves and the meaning of life.

Participation costs are 34 euros / hour during the week, 37 euros / hour on Saturday, 39 euros / hour on Sunday.
The price includes the materials needed for painting, and the course lasts a maximum of 3 hours.

Inquiries to participate in the workshop are made by communicating via

Whatsapp messaging on +49 175 9900 6676

Payment is made immediately after registering on Whatsapp or on arrival at the painting center.

  • No artistic talent is required. Paper drawings, colored pencils or acrylic paint are available for drawing.