Psychological counselor - Artist - Coach


Social integration counseling,

Consiliere pentru integrare sociala,

Beratung zur sozialen Integration

Консультирование по социальной интеграции

Consulenza per l’integrazione sociale

Asesoramiento de integración social

We are on this planet to learn to care and respect one another, and in the absence of these attitudes new disorders of the psycho-emotional sphere are created around us or within. Internal conflicts that anger our psyche and emotions, if not carried out and processed externally, can cause deep erosions in our personality by changing it.

I have chosen the painting method to help my clients to externalize the conflicts that accompany them in the process of processing, until their soul becomes as light and serene as it was before the conflict state was installed. Painting is a variant through which we can show on the outside what we reflect on the inside. There are other methods that involve art, but drawing is the simplest form of our soul’s communication when words are intertwined in the storm of emotions.

Sorina-Severina Soare
Accredited psychological counselor
Speak: English, German, Italian, Romania, Spanish.

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