Psychological counselor - Artist - Coach


Counseling and Support for :

..mentally and emotionally sensitive people,
*Support for integration in a new environment (city, country, job),
*Support for people with various situations: discrimination, mobbing, etc. *Reintegration into life after shamanic, psychedelic, spiritual experiences,etc.

Support for migrants and expats:

Counseling and psychological help during integration into a new country/place. Understanding the environment, managing the emotional stress accumulated in the international community with a new job, with new colleagues, with a new system and institutions.

Counseling :

Anxiety, depression, anxiety, insomnia, disorientation, low self esteem and anything that drains our energy and disrupts our inner peace always has a reason behind it. This reason can be discovered and processed so that it no longer stands in the way of our inner harmony. Everything we need to have inner peace exists within us.

We just have to want to act to improve our quality of life. The first step is wanting to change something, the second is finding someone to support us in this process, the third is not giving up, finding solutions to feel fulfilled.

Avoid leaving the unresolved traumas and believing that time will erase them. Forgetting is a survival mechanism, so our brain puts the problem aside and we think we’ve forgotten. In reality, we never forget anything. All memories are stored somewhere and from there create effects that affect our lives without us noticing. Whatever problem you have, try to discuss it with someone.

Even if you cannot find a solution at the moment, it is very important for your psycho-emotional health to release the energy of this memory stored in the subconscious that will one day have repercussions and generally generate toxic emotions that reduce the joy of life overshadow life and can lead to disease and then disease.

Sorina-Severina Soare